Dave Smith


Welcome to my Portfolio.

I am an Art Photographer aiming to show the Natural World in a way that we might not otherwise experience it - Nature in all of its spectacular glory!

I shoot time through Long Exposure photography and through Timelapse video and create time through Hyperlapse video.

I shoot tones thorugh High Dynamic Range photography and in fact all of my images have significant tonal manipulations whether shot with multiple images or from a single image, the plain fact is that ALL photographers manipulate tones in their images and we should never be ashamed about post-processing!

I shoot the full spectrum of light beyond the confines of the visible through Infra Red photography.

I shoot the details through Macro photography.

My aim is to present my 20 best images on this portfolio site and I will be constantly updating this portfolio as new images are shot - though some images may stay in this collection longer than others. To see a fuller collection of my work why not subscribe to my blog at djsnaturalworldexplorations.photography?